Formula G-1 - now science is available to everyone

The tendencies of the modern world set high speed in the race for technological superiority. According to WIPO, the number of patent applications from 2000 to 2016 has more than doubled, and this is almost 2 million inventions. Research in any branch of science is connected with and experiment – the main method of cognition. However if in physics and inorganic chemistry the experiment is limited to a short time, and always passes under certain conditions to maintain the level of reliability of the result. In agriculture and horticulture, the experiment takes a year an average: from planting to harvest, because it is the main indicator of fertilizer efficiency. Besides, in addition to the plant features, the climate makes its own corrections: strong winds, drought or extreme rainfall, temperature changes, local features and properties of the soil, plant diseases, pesticides etc. All those factors in the open ground cannot be controlled. In addition, if you take a 10 hectares field for an experiment , it operational accounting becomes partially difficult. That is why plant science usually collect statistics of many years experiments - it is possible to reduce the effect of climate on the results of the experiment. In the practice of agronomy, the experiment usually takes time entire crop rotation (up to 10 years).

However, what if we just don’t have that much time? After all, the human age, unfortunately, is a very short. And 10 years for one study is a huge amount of time.

In this case we present our revolution solution - Formula G-1 for you!

Formula G-1 is not a simple phyto-laboratory with artificial climate. This is a breakthrough in modern technologies of plant growing and plant science, that let you to do every kind of researches with the plant.

Our unique Formula G-1 allows you to: test the influence of various factors on the plants growth and development, grow both high and low plants, obtain data from a variety of sensors in a real time mode, change the growth conditions of plants according to your wishes and much more!

Formula G-1 is equipped with a large number of sensors, which can be divided into 3 levels: water properties sensors, sensors responsible for taking data of the atmosphere inside the growbox and sensors assessing the plant conditions.

Formula G-1 is a soil-less plant growth system that in a combination with the unique coated materials of growbox and multi-stages water and air preparation systems almost protect plants from all sorts of diseases.

Formula G-1 is a fully automated system, which means - maximum control of the result of the user with minimal participation of strangers. In fact, this means an even higher level of the reliability of the experiment, by reducing random errors from human actions.

Formula G-1 does not oblige you to use a regular hydroponic solution: you free to experiment! Thus, you can find the most optimal composition of the nutrient solution that can be used for your personal experiment by rich number of element and compounds to create it.

Formula G-1 is a one-of-a-kind phyto laboratory, which allows to use elements in several nanosizes both by foliar application and as additive to the nutrient solution due to the unique patented technology of water and solution preparation.

Formula G-1 allows us to investigate not only the influence of climatic factors and various compounds on the growth and development of plants, but also factors such as vibration, sound and many others.

And the most important: Formula G-1 saves not only your time but also your money: you don’t need to buy bulky and expensive equipment for experiments. All you have to do is tell us what you want to explore and we will give you full control over the phyto-laboratory in a real time. You can not only monitor the change in various indicators in real time, but also be able to watch the growth of your favorite plants through cameras installed in the system with a wide viewing angle!

Formula G-1 - all the best for your dream come true!

Individual light

Today we try to tell you more about light in Formula G-1 phyto-laboratory.

All organisms on earth divide into 2 types by nutrition type: autotrophs and heterotrophs. Autotrophs consume carbon from carbon dioxide, heterotrophs from organic compounds. Autotrophic organisms the same time divide into phototrophs (plants), which use solar energy for biosynthesis and hemotrophs (chemotrophic bacteria) that use the energy of a chemical reaction for biosynthesis.

It follows that plants can not grow without sunlight. But what if we do not have the ability to deliver sunlight to plants? For example, if the hydroponic system you use is multi-leveled, which saves a large amount of space by placing the plants above of each other.

For this case high technologies come to help us! To date, there are many artificial lighting solutions for growers: incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, LEDs, luminescent, gas-discharge lamps, etc. The main rule for most lamps is: more energy consumption - more intensity of produced light and more energy loss to heat.

It is known that plants absorb light in a certain range with different intensities, therefore, the PAR index (Photosynthetically active radiation) is used to estimate the amount of light for plants. However, most studies do not take into account the PAR composition. The fact is that different light sources have different intensity of light radiation depending on the considered wavelength. The composition of sunlight during the day and the dawn is different because the beam of sunlight overcomes the different thicknesses of the atmosphere. In industrial hydroponic systems, sodium-vapor lamps are usually used, which have a high PAR energy effectiveness (up to 2 µmol / W). However, such lamps have a constant spectrum of light.

However, if we want to investigate an optimal spectrum of light for the best growing? Or we have to research an influence of specific light spectrum to the plant?

In this case we promote our solution for you – Formula G-1 with patented light system!

The point is that our Formula G-1 uses last generation of LED lamps as a light source which have not only a higher PAR output (more than 2.3 µmol / W), but also allow you to adjust the spectrum of emitted visible light!

Through the unique solution in Formula G-1, you will be able not only to choose the optimal conditions for plants nutrition and climate, but also to develop the most suitable light for your plants in order to get maximum performance!

Formula G-1 - all the best for your dream come true!

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